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Attention WordPress course creators – mad cyber week deal on The 5-Step Legal Plan for Online Course Creators

I suspect many of us, myself included, are now suffering from Black Friday to Cyber Monday fatigue. So I’ll keep this brief.

For a very limited time, I’m offering full access to The 5-Step Legal Plan for Online Course Creators for the madly discounted price of $29. That’s a whopping 66% off the normal price. The course helps you to protect your course content, avoid being sued, comply with important laws, and keep what you earn in your pocket, in under 90 minutes!

This includes walking you through quick and automated creation of your own copyright statement, disclaimer, terms of use, and privacy statement.

Oh, and you’ll get all 6 of our ebooks too, which cover protecting your course content, using others’ content safely, licensing content to get promotion, mastering your email marketing, having a privacy statement, and shielding yourself from lawsuits.

This deal will never be repeated again, so be quick. There’s never been a better time or place for course creators to get their legal house in order.

GET THE DEAL HERE AND NOW, before it vanishes.

(The timer on the sales page is a real timer, not one of those poxy, misleading timers that restart when you do a browser refresh. I should really write a blog post about those, as in some countries they can violate consumer protection laws.)

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