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As I saw WP and Legal Stuff beginning to fill up with content, I thought it might help to create a “Free stuff for WordPressers” page that pulls out resources that are likely to be the most useful to WordPress bloggers and businesses. Here they are. I hope they’re useful. (I’ll be updating this page from time to time so you might want to check back here now and then.)

Build your own privacy policy based on my one


If you’re a blogger with a site like mine, you can make you own privacy policy by filling in a form with your own details. You’ll then be taken to a page with a draft privacy policy which you can copy, paste and use as you wish. I explain all this in a post called “Would you like a privacy policy like mine?”

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Understand the legal stuff that bloggers need to know


If you’re running a content-driven site like a blog, it’s useful to be aware of a range of legal stuff, from copyright, to using email services, to allowing others to republish your content. I’ve covered these and others topics in “Legal checks when building a content-driven WordPress website”.

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Protect your WordPress consultancy with terms of business


If you provide WordPress consultancy services (such as commercial advice, coaching or training) you may need some terms of business to protect your interests. I’ve explained the need for such terms and provide access to free starter terms in “Protecting WordPress consultancies with terms of business”.

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Get some template terms and policies for your WordPress multisite business


If you’re starting your own multisite-driven site building business, there are various legal issues to bear in mind and a range of terms and policies to put in place. I explain the issues, and provide access to starter terms and policies, in “Template terms and policies for WordPress multisite businesses”.

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