GPL Engine (plugins)


In How to apply the GPL to your themes and plugins (and avoid getting in the shi*) I’ve explained how to apply the GPL to your products and how to comply with the GPL when doing so (e.g., in relation to your use of other people’s assets in your themes or plugins). Writing that post gave me the idea for a GPL Engine that asks you a bunch of questions about your theme or plugin and then spits out content for:

  • your style.css, readme and licence files for your theme folder; or
  • your plugin file header, readme and licence files for your plugin folder.

The GPL Engine is now fired up and ready to go. You’ve landed on the engine for plugins (if you’re interested in themes, here’s the engine for themes). All you need to do is fill out and submit the form below and the GPL Engine will produce content for your plugin file header, readme and licence files, tailored to your specific circumstances.